Prayer Concerns and Sympathy notes

God didn't promise, Days Without Pain, Laughter without Sorrow, Sun without Rain -
But He did Promise Strength for the Day, Comfort for the Tears and Light for the Way.

Juanita Mulkey passed away the morning of 7/4. A memorial service will be on August 3rd at 2 PM at the church.

Bob Himebauch, one of our homebound members, passed away. There will be a small graveside service in Yolo on 9/19.

Don Tweet passed away late 7/6. Services were 7/19 at 11 AM at the Church.

Starr Kane continues to recover slowly from brain surgery at Casa Coloma Nursing Care Center.

Mark Watkins' brother, Lewis, is recovering from cancer surgery.

Aaron Jacquez had ear surgery 7/23.

Joan Knodel is recovering from cataract surgery.

Connie Cole is preparing for bone marrow transplant surgery.

Mark Watkins' sister-in-law, Diana, is battling brain tumors.

Martha Cook is preparing for cancer surgery at the beginning of August.

Faithe Ann Orebaugh's sister, Marsha, had eye surgery.

Katie Roberts' brother, Tim Moreland, was hospitalized again.

Catherine Bardin will be undergoing additional cancer treatments. Also, her mother, Mabel, passed away.

Debra Taylor's brother-in-law, Omar, just got out of the hospital.

The Firch's friend, Terri Ramos, is battling cancer.

Linda Caldwell is continuing to recuperate from a fall that injured her back.

Sid Silverthorn has shingles.

The Chris Kim family, who now live in San Jose, were in an auto crash last weekend. No one was seriously hurt but their car was totalled.

The Warren family's son, Brett Warren, has died. Tom Warren is the pastor of our sister church in Hanford, CA.

Michele Rossi's sister-in-law, Tracy Lamb, will have breast cancer surgery 7/30.

Erin Doyle's sister, Kalee Doyle, had foot surgery 7/23.

Kathy Campbell's friend, James Moore, is very ill.

Victoria Lee is having physical difficulties with low potassium and sodium.

Linda Buzgheia's cousins, Jill and Denny, lost their farm in a tornado.

Please let us know if there are others who need our prayers...
Contact Vickie Firch with any information.

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