Prayer Concerns and Sympathy notes

God didn't promise, Days Without Pain, Laughter without Sorrow, Sun without Rain -
But He did Promise Strength for the Day, Comfort for the Tears and Light for the Way.

Pat Gilbert was diagnosed with breast cancer. She will be undergoing treatments soon.

Mark Watkins is awaiting medical test results.

Erin Doyle's cousin, Amber Ashley, has a recurrence of cancer.

Krystalon Tweet's son, Brandon Algere, passed away 9/2. Services were on September 22nd.

Tim Tomasik had cataract surgery 9/12. He is doing well.

Amber Bradley has been suffering with a back ailment.

Linda Caldwell had an injection to relieve her back pain.

Marilyn Mapel is receiving treatment for back pain.

Starr Kane continues to recuperate at Casa Coloma Nursing Care Center.

The Firch's son-in-law, Andrew Weinberg, is having problems with wrist tendonitis.

The Kronquest's friend, Glen Mooty, is having medical tests.

Pastor Vickie's uncle, Harvey Hayhyrst, had arm surgery.

Tim Tomasik's friend, Barbara Smith's mother is critically ill. Barbara is flying to Utah to see her.

Shirlet Ceresa is at Mercy Hospital due to fainting spells from high blood pressure and low sodium levels.

Mark Watkins' sister, Martha Cook, is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

Katie Roberts' brother, Tim Moreland, has complications following urinary tract surgery.

Lila McGowen's brother-in-law, Ryan Downard, is hospitalized with a heart ailment and fluid in his lungs.

Betty Jo Dahl will have oral surgery.

Sarah Marie Clark was taken to the emergency room with severe pain, and was released.

Catherine Bardin is battling cancer at McKinley Care Center.

Violet Bachman is recovering from a broken shoulder.

Judy Miller is battling a respiratory ailment and COPD.

Ray Lujan is having more problems with seizures.

Ellen Perry is in rehab care at Eskaton Greenhaven.

Debra Taylor was slightly injured in a car accident.

Bryan Gross' father, Eugene Gross, has a mass on his lung and is undergoing tests.

Larry Kronquest's neighbor, Kathleen Hanrahan, is hospitalized and undergoing tests.

Please let us know if there are others who need our prayers...
Contact Vickie Firch with any information.

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