Prayer Concerns and Sympathy notes

God didn't promise, Days Without Pain, Laughter without Sorrow, Sun without Rain -
But He did Promise Strength for the Day, Comfort for the Tears and Light for the Way.

Ruth Wilson is in the hospital at Kaiser North for tests. She is stable.

Bob Stribling had seizures at the beginning of January and is adjusting to medication.

Sheila Howerter and Delores Henson's sister, Carla Kim Howerter, had surgery to receive a pacemaker

Jen Jerusik has been diagnosed with a ruptured disc in her back and may need surgery.

Pat Gilbert will be beginning radiation therapy in a couple of weeks.

Margaret Gonzales' aunt, Stella Rosich, passed away.

Amber Bradley's brother and sister-in-law, Jacob and Eve Bradley, are expecting twins. The doctor is concerned about premature labor.

Stan Slavin's cousin, Linda Girard, will be having serious surgery.

Tim Tomasik's friend, Pastor Eugene Washington, was hospitalized.

Mark Anderson, President of the Disciples' National Benevolent Association, collapsed in late January, and was hospitalized for tests.

Stan Slavin's friend, Trina Priest, is having more cancer treatment.

Erin Doyle's friend, Alex's 1 year old son, Mason has pneumonia.

Priscilla Ross, Lila McGowen, Krystalon Tweet and Lou Ann Hughes will be going to the Women's Action Web event. It is looking at ways to get churches involved to combat human trafficking.

Bill Fellers has recovered from pneumonia.

Amber Bradley has severe tendonitis in her shoulder and is on extremely limited duty at work.

Sarah Marie Clark has pneumonia, but is improving.

Marilyn Mapel has severe lower back pain.

Stan Slavin has a painful tendon injury in his leg.

Bethany Weinberg's friend, Brian Adams-a young Disciples of Christ minister-died suddenly.

Jessica Jacquez' friend, Amber's father passed away.

Lou Ann Hughes' friend, Mark Anderson-President of the Disciples of Christ National Benevolent Association- collapsed and is hospitalized for tests.

Manny Navarro's newborn niece, Kalee, is recovering well following surgery.

Jerry Bailey passed away on January 18th at the age of 108. Memorial services will be held in Dallas.

Violet Bachman is battling a bad virus.

Gloria Nix passed out and was taken to the hospital with an infection and high blood pressure.

Shelley Petavini's mother, Claire, suffered a fall and broke her leg. She has been hospitalized but will be in rehab.

Shelley Petavini's father-in-law, Lee Porter, is at Sutter Roseville due to an allergic reaction to medication.

Scott Coyner's mother, Jan Coyner, had back surgery.

Pastor Vickie's father, Joe Trembley, was hospitalized with pneumonia but is now home recovering.

Janelle Corbett's aunt, Sally Cooper, passed away.

Associate Regional Minister Yolanda Marquez-Lucar's mother, Mercedes Pastrana, passed away.

Krystalon Tweet's son, Anthony's girlfriend Samantha has been diagnosed with cancer. She is very ill. She is also pregnant and there are complications with the baby.

Pastor Vickie's uncle, Gilbert, passed away on Christmas day.

Kathy Burt's and Pat Gilbert's aunt, Rose Powidski's husband, Ed passed away.

Linda Buzgheia's second cousin, Liesel Casto, was killed in a car crash over the holidays.

Judy Miller is recuperating from pneumonia.

Please let us know if there are others who need our prayers...
Contact Vickie Firch with any information.

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