Prayer Concerns and Sympathy notes

God didn't promise, Days Without Pain, Laughter without Sorrow, Sun without Rain -
But He did Promise Strength for the Day, Comfort for the Tears and Light for the Way.

Sara Wilson passed away quitely during the afternoon of 4/9. Her memorial service will be 4/18 at 11 AM at the church.

Dorothy Watkins had gall stone surgery 4/8 and is at UCD Medical Center.

Bob Stribling will be having surgery to remove a small skin cancer in May.

Jody Lewis has been given a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Deb Taylor's brother-in-law, Omar, is hospitalized with severe respiratory problems.

The Howerter and Watkkins' friend, Joshua Schneirer, passed away suddenly last week.

Lou Ann Hugh's friends, the Corporan family, were victim's of the Kansas City hate crimes shootings. Two of the family members did not survive.

Mario Ceresa passed away the morning of 3/11. Services are on April 12th at 2 PM at the church.

Catherine Bardin had gall bladder surgery 3/3. She is having more tests.

Pastors Ted and Vickie's son-in-law, Andrew Weinberg, has developed a wrist injury at work and is having medical tests.

Dorothy Fong's son-in-law, Rob Boriskin, is having surgery this week.

Terry Loomis continues with her cancer treatments.

Steve Russell's wife, Trish Russell, was diagnosed with cancer. She had cancer surgery 4/2.

Debbie Avenell has a broken toe.

Terry Snyder had knee surgery on March 20th. He is home and doing pretty well.

Carol Scott is healing from a knee injury.

Shanna Laskey's father, Gary Collins, is out of the hospital.

Rev. Cliff Cole's wife, Connie, is at Sutter Hospital for leukemia treatments.

Don Tweet is still undergoing chemo treatments.

Coen Sexton, who now lives at Primrose Care home, has been hospitalized following a fall. He incurred a gash on the back of his head, but seems to be stable.

Jody Lewis continues to suffer from seizures.

Sarah Marie Clark is recovering from several health issues. She was injured when she was mugged.

Barbara Kronquest passed away the evening of 3/9. Services were on March 22nd at 2 PM at the church.

Michelle Nichol has gall stones, and may need surgery.

Brandt Myas had a bicycle accident 3/9 and sustained serious injuries. He broke several ribs and punctured a lung. He is in ICU at Kaiser Morse Ave. No visitors for now.

Peter Jacquez Jr is recovering from a broken toe.

Dorothy Fong's sister-in-law, Rosemary Fong, is now on hospice.

Bill Gilbert's father, Dennis Gilbert, had a minor stroke, and complications from a previous stroke.

David Hosseini lost their family dog, Jessie.

Mark Watkins' sister-in-law, Diana Watkins, will be having cancer surgery March 14th.

Nancy Wetmore had a skin cancer removed.

Michelle Nichole's uncle, Stephen Berry, had heart surgery.

Tina Borgman's mother, Charlotte Borgman, is very ill and anemic after her recent chemo treatments.

Michele Rossi's friend, Ann, is battling throat cancer.

Juanita Mulkey is very weak following a stroke.

Judy Miller is recovering from a bad respiratory ailment.

Please let us know if there are others who need our prayers...
Contact Vickie Firch with any information.

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