Prayer Concerns and Sympathy notes

God didn't promise, Days Without Pain, Laughter without Sorrow, Sun without Rain -
But He did Promise Strength for the Day, Comfort for the Tears and Light for the Way.

The son of Pastor Tom Warren (Hanford), Brett Warren, committed suicide in New York.

Linda Caldwell is experiencing extreme back pain following a fall.

Don Tweet passed away late 7/6. Services are 7/19 at 11 AM at the Church.

Juanita Mulkey passed away the morning of 7/4. A memorial service will be on August 3rd at 2 PM at the church.

Victoria Lee is having physical difficulties with low potassium and sodium.

Bob Himebauch, one of our homebound members, passed away. There will be a small graveside service in Yolo on 9/19.

Starr Kane had surgery 7/7 to correct a brain bleed.

Joan Knodel will have cataract surgery 7/10.

Linda Buzgheia's cousins, Jill and Denny, lost their farm in a tornado.

Pat Gilbert is awaiting test results.

Katie Fischer's 14 yr old nephew, Lucas, will undergo chest surgery to remove a baseball size piece of cartilage.

Mark Watkins' sister-in-law, Diana, has several small sarcoma lesions in her brain causing double vision. She is undergoing radiation therapy.

Ray Lujan's friend, Kathleen Johnson had breast cancer surgery and is recovering.

Helen Robbins had shoulder surgery 6/16 and is recovering.

Tim Tomasik will have cataract surgery.

An informal memorial for Terry Loomis was at her home on 6/29 at 7676 Wachtel Way in Orangevale. It will be a "drop-in" type of service, and Pastor Ted is expecting to be there at about 1:00 PM.

Heather Brindley's friend, Nancy Jacobs is suffering complications from diabetes.

Lily Bradley fell through a glass surface and sustained serious cuts. She had surgery to remove glass shards and was at UCD Medical Center overnight. She is now home recuperating from serious cuts.

Marcia Anderson has completed her chemotherapy.

Linda Buzgheia's aunt Mildred passed away. Linda will be attending the memorial service in Iowa.

Jody Lewis' father, Joe Sapey, lives in England and is battling prostate cancer.

Priscilla Ross' friend and one of our crafters, Catherine Bardin, will be having surgery and chemotherapy this month.

Fruitridge congregation member Craig Bennett, a young man, passed away 6/14.

George and Krista Leicht, who are active in our Bible and Bag ministry, will be going on a mission trip to Romania at the end of June for two weeks.

Ron Ross is home recovering from pneumonia.

Stan Slavin's mother, Pam Slavin, fell and broke her leg. She will not require surgery, just a lengthy recuperation time.

Dave Hosseini's friend, Michele Smith, is hospitalized at Sutter Memorial.

Jen Jurusik's 1 1/2 year old neighbor, Owen James, needs a kidney transplant.

Steve McCann's aunt, Terry, is battling cancer and is not doing well.

Bob Stribling continues to recover at home following a seizure.

Ray Lujan will be seeing a neurologist about his seizures.

John Caldwell was hospitalized with dizziness and low blood pressure. He is awaiting test results.

Sarah Marie Clark is recovering from a torn meniscus.

Barbara Holland's son, Tim Holland, had knee replacement surgery 6/2.

Please let us know if there are others who need our prayers...
Contact Vickie Firch with any information.

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